Our Services

For Wellness Centers

We are not just another reference lab– we are your partner in wellness! Vibrant America provides a customized approach and the tools necessary to exceed the needs of your patients and your program.

Recommend the right nutrition and track results

Our customized approach makes it easy to track and follow progress overtime with outcomes for better patient compliance and success in reaching goals.

Specialized packages for your clients

We understand that every patient and every wellness program is unique, so we offer an array of different wellness packages to choose from.

Fast turnaround time

Most results are ready in about a day and some in just a few hours.

Ease of blood draw

We use a minimum number of tubes for each patient. We also provide phlebotomy solutions to you when you need them.


Women’s Health

Women’s health is important to Vibrant America. We offer a complete menu of hormone testing, along with other relevant tests that are essential in the evaluation of overall health and the reproductive system.

Woman's Health

Celiac Disease

Did you know that most people are unaware that they have celiac disease? In the United States, 1 in 133 people have celiac disease, which is approximately 1% of the population. What’s concerning is that 83% of Americans who have celiac disease are misdiagnosed or undiagnosed. Undiagnosed celiac disease can lead to many autoimmune disorders and conditions such as certain cancers and infertility. Vibrant offers the most comprehensive celiac and gluten sensitivity testing offered in diagnostics today!

Celiac Disease

Connective Tissue Disorder

CTD may be challenging to diagnose, since the symptoms are very common like muscle pain, fatigue, fever, or just a general feeling of being unwell. Our advanced testing for CTD may be the answer for monitoring existing conditions or to help your health care provider with a diagnosis and treatment.

Connective Tissue Disorder

Cardiovascular Health

Knowing your number can be lifesaving! We offer the most significant tests to assess or monitor your heart health.

Cardiovascular Health

For Physicians

We offer cutting-edge technology, advanced testing, and solutions for optimal patient outcomes with quality results you can trust.

For Patients

We offer a robust menu of clinically relevant tests in various disease areas to accommodate all of your healthcare needs.

For Wellness Centers

When it comes to health and diet for your patients, there is not just one solution, but there is the Vibrant solution! We offer convenient tools and fast turnaround time to accommodate the customized needs of each of your patients.