One lab. one box. wellness delivered.

Patients can draw from comfort of their home or from a nearby draw location

Extended patient support through Live chat and phone call with a real human.

Easy draw instructions and videos simplify patient adherence

How it works

Step 1

Your provider places an order with us

Step 3

Input your First Name, Last Name and DOB as a security check

Step 5

1 week after kit sent out, we
check in to see if we can be of
any further assistance.

Step 2

Scan Barcode ( open your camera App on your phone) – if you don’t have one, we will also email you a link to access the patient navigation system.

Step 4

Access all information you need to complete your lab order.

Comp 1 (1)

Verify Info and make secure payments

Live chat with our team of Navigators
One Lab box avoids confusion

You can draw from the comfort of your home or from a nearby location
Assist with Do’s and Dont’s before specimen collection

Easy videos for At-home specimen collection

Have any questions?

If you have any questions during this entire process, we are always here to help.

Phone or live chat with a REAL HUMAN ALWAYS from 9AM to 9PM EST

You can also email us at for a same day response.