Animal specimens are generally not acceptable for laboratory testing and will not be tested. Human Specimen Acceptability Requests for uncommon specimen type testing will be rejected, and the order cancelled, unless validation information is available.


Tests may be cancelled without charge while specimens are in transit. A fee of $50 will be charged for cancellations after specimens have been accessioned but not yet assayed. Tests cannot be cancelled after the report is generated. For cancellation requests call Support.


Vibrant America establishes its own reference ranges for analytes whenever possible. For some procedures, it is necessary to use ranges suggested by the reagent manufacturer or reported in the literature.


After testing is completed, samples are kept refrigerated for 7 days and then discarded. Samples that must be retained for longer than 7 days are kept frozen. The retention times for all samples will vary and are based on such criteria as:

  • state and federal regulations
  • test manufacturer’s recommendations
  • deterioration of the analyte
  • CAP requirements and NCCLS guidelines
  • acute/convalescent testing requirements
  • pending litigation

Appropriateness of testing is ultimately a technical decision and is made by the technical staff using test-specific criteria. Vibrant America’s Sample Storage Policy assures availability of adequate and reliable specimens. Please call Support for more details.


Test Specific tube requirements are provided in our Test Menu.