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Our novel silicon-based microarrays allow laboratories and providers to add value in quality , TAT, and patient care while dramatically driving down the cost of running your laboratory. Vibrant America can provide laboratories with assistance in a number of areas.

Cost Reduction Strategies

Strategies for Addressing Declining Reimbursment & PAMA Impact

Creating New Revenue Opportunities in Outreach

Customized Solutions to Cost & Revenue Challenges


Access to Vibrant America technology allows laboratory management to think differently about how to manage capital, costs and labor to provide the highest levels of service to their internal and external customers. The ability to reallocate these limited resources provides the tools to significantly impact the cost of running the laboratory while adding value to the patient through enhanced testing quality and reduced cost of care.

Increase Value and Patient Care

Decrease Cost to System and Patient

Declining Reimbursements are creating a challenging environment for lab profitability


Current Cost to Revenue Projections

Projections of declining reimbursements have increased the pressure on laboratories to reduce costs significantly in a sustainable manner. The fear of the impact of these reductions have caused declining service levels, decreased patient and provider satisfaction and impacted employee engagement. All of these factors can cause further reductions in reimbursement in an ACO environment. Because of this our industry has seen a recent surge in hospitals selling outreach programs and outsourcing laboratory services

Using outreach to offset the revenue loss by increasing volume incurs it’s own cost


Current Volume/Cost Growth Model

Current volume growth models in the laboratory industry also drive up cost variables such as price, space, equipment, consumables, labor, maintenance, etc. At certain volume thresholds additional capital, logistics and customer service costs may be incurred making it difficult for the laboratory to take full advantage of the traditionally perceived savings of filling excess capacity though volume growth and outreach.

Vibrant Volume/Cost Growth Model

The VibrantAmerica Partner Advantage flattens the cost curve and reduces cost per test by limiting the impact to variable costs and returns the advantage of volume growth to the laboratory. This allows the strategic reallocation of labor and capital to improve services to hospital departments while reducing costs for inpatient testing and increasing margins in outpatient and outreach.

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