Operations Research Analyst


Collect data from various departments to interpret said data into usable information presented to senior management.

Identify financial status by comparing and analyzing actual results with plans and forecasts; build up financial risk indicator to recommend actions.

Improve financial status by analyzing results; monitoring variances; identifying trends.

Utilize Power BI to compile analytical reports to help managers and stakeholders to implement more effective operational strategies.

Create KPI (Key Performance Indicator) using SQL queries to execute payments processing; analyze historical payments performance and create forecasts; identify areas for improvement.

Organize and store data in multiple tables for business performance, claims insurance payments etc. using complex ETL (Extract Transform Load) and data warehousing techniques.

Utilize Java and MySQL to develop and automate ETL processes that involve data cleansing, error, reconciliation handling and process monitoring.

Gather, investigate, develop, verify and communicate business requirements; and supporting any ad-hoc testing to achieve business goals.

Work closely with IT (Information Technology), billing and analytics teams to design, develop and maintain business solutions, also work directly with insurance companies, clearing houses, data vendors and business leaders to identify analytical requirements and business needs of the company.

Master’s degree in Mathematics, Financial Engineering, or related fields and two years of experience in data analysis, data visualization, financial modeling and reporting, financial risk metrics and risk management, data mining, ETL processes, software skills of Power BI, Java, MySQL, Tableau, and Python.

Please submit your resume/application to hr@vibrant-america.com