Please confirm that your healthcare provider has provided Vibrant America all the information necessary for us to file an insurance claim on your behalf:

requisition form

Completed Requisition form (with an ICD-10 diagnosis code(s) to support the medical necessity of the test(s) requested).


Health care practitioners signature on the requisition form.

Insurance card

A copy of your driver’s license and the front and back of your active insurance card.


For those with insurance, the precise out-of-pocket cost will depend on:

The fraction of the total cost that your insurance covers, which varies by plan

The amount you have already paid for healthcare expenses this year

If your insurance provider is in network or out of network with Vibrant America

Meeting medical criteria required by insurance for coverage of your testing

If you do not have insurance or are underinsured, we haveEZ Pay options available

What ez pay options are available?

Vibrant America offers an EZ Pay Program that is intended to provide affordable testing to all patients. We are experienced in working with all insurance carriers and do our bets to get your claims processed on time. If the claim is denied, Vibrant America will submit an appeal if we are able to obtain the additional information necessary to support the claim. If you are under-insured or uninsured, our three-component EZ Pay Program is available to assist you.

pay options img


Patients are welcome to self-pay for services rendered. We offer affordable pricing for our services if they are uninsured or patients plan doesn’t cover the services rendered. The patient can pay by credit card or by check/money order. In addition, Vibrant America may offer a prompt payment discount for patients that pay upfront or by credit card within 15 days of receiving your first statement. The rate shall be determined by Vibrant America at its sole discretion.

pay options img

Payment plan

Vibrant America offers interest-free monthly installment payment plans for patients with special financial needs. Payment plans are available for balances owed for laboratory services. Vibrant America encourages those patients that are not able to pay fully for the laboratory services provided, to contact our billing department when the patient receives their first statement to discuss the various payment options available.

pay options img

Financial assistance program

For those patients with financial hardships, we provide a program to assist with medical expenses. Please call our billing representative to obtain more information after the patient receives our first statement.

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How it works

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Before ordering

Learn about what we need, what affects your final cost and available payment options.

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After ordering

Learn about what you will receive from us, and from your insurance provider.

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Invoice and payment

Understand your bill, how to pay and available payment options.

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