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We offer cutting-edge technology, advanced testing, and solutions for optimal patient outcomes with reliable results.

We accept all major insurances

When choosing a lab, we know that cost is a major factor and have you covered. We accept all insurances with minimal out-of-pocket costs to you.

We integrate with your existing practices

A seamless transition with all the added tools to ease your workflow with little to no interference.

We cater to different specialists

Our robust menu can cater to many specialty practice with testing from the most common disease areas such as cardiovascular, autoimmune, diabetes, women’s health and hormones, and more!

Ease of blood draw

We require only what we need for testing, so that means minimal tubes being drawn for each patient. We also provide phlebotomy solutions for when you need them.

Access our Physician Portal from anywhere


We have designed a wonderful and robust alternative to a traditional EHR. With a comprehensive and interactive dashboard you are just a few clicks away from customized charts, ordering tests, adding chart notes, and so much more, all at your fingertips.

Order tests easily

Ordering is easy and convenient. With our approach to 1-step ordering, entering your patients name and demographics, selecting tests, and submitting the order has never been easier. You can also add on tests while testing is in progress and you never need to re-enter a patient after the initial order.
Order tests easily

Easy-to-read results

We take the guess work out of understanding your patients test results with our easy-to-read color coded report format.
Easy-to-read results

Specimen Collection and Handling

BD 8.5 mL SST (Tiger Red/Black)
BD 8.5 mL SST (Tiger Red/Black)
  • Draw these tubes 1st
  • Fasting: Recommend 10-12 hours.
  • Processing: Invert tube 2-3 times to mix adequately. Allow to clot standing upright in tube rack for 30 minutes.
  • CENTRIFUGE: 3300 RPM for 15 minutes.
  • Tests: All, except those listed with the other tubes.
BD 3.0 mL Plasma Separator (Light Green) & Transfer Tube (Clear)
BD 3.0 mL Plasma Separator (Light Green) & Transfer Tube (Clear)
  • Draw these tubes 2nd.
  • Processing: Invert plasma separator tube 8-10 times to mix adequately. Plasma should be separated from cells within 2 hours of draw and transferred to transfer tube.
  • CENTRIFUGE: 3300 RPM for 15 minutes.
  • Test: Myeloperoxidase (MPO)
  • NOTE: Transfer tube must be labeled as “plasma” along with 2 patient identifiers.
BD 4.0 mL K2EDTA (Purple Top)
BD 4.0 mL K2EDTA (Purple Top)
  • Draw these tubes 3rd.
  • Fasting: Not required.
  • Processing: Gently invert 5-6 times to mix adequately.
  • Tests: Hemoglobin A1c and CBC w/ differential and platelets/reticulocytes.
ESR Vacuum Tube 1.2 mL (Black Top)
ESR Vacuum Tube 1.2 mL (Black Top)
  • Draw these tubes 4th.
  • Fasting: Not required.
  • Processing: Invert slowly and completely 1-2 times to mix blood adequately.
  • Test: Sedimentation Rate (ESR).
Urine Transfer Tube 10 mL (Yellow Top)
Urine Transfer Tube 10 mL (Yellow Top)
  • Fasting: Not required.
  • Processing: Collect specimen in a urine cup, then pour off or pipette into transfer tube.
  • Test: Microalbumin, urine.

After processing all samples, refrigerate until ready to ship

  • Draw samples Monday through Friday. Do not draw and ship samples on Saturday, as we are closed on Sunday.
  • Pre-freeze your ice packs at least 1 day before use.
  • To schedule a pick-up, please contact Vibrant America.
Rejection Criteria
  • Unlabeled or mislabeled tubes (must have 2 patient identifiers—name and D.O.B.).
  • Delayed specimen shipping; must ship samples daily.
  • Sample arrived at room temperature (ice packs thawed or not frozen).
  • Hemolytic, icteric, or overly lipemic samples (test-specific).

Specimen Ordering & Shipping

  • Order tests online by completing the requisition form in your account portal at www.vibrant-america.com.
  • Or use the paper-based Requisition
  • Draw patient samples and label the tubes with patient’s name & D.O.B. exactly as written on the requisition form
  • Place processed tubes in the biohazard bag provided in the kit.
  • If you’re using a paper requisition, fold and place in the front pocket of biohazard bag.
  • Peel the plastic film and seal the bag.
  • Place at least 2 completely frozen ice packs on the bottom of the shipping box
  • Then place the sealed bio-hazard bag(s) (up to 6 bags) on top of the frozen ice packs inside the box
  • Place 2 more frozen ice packs on top of the sealed biohazard bags
  • Replace the styrofoam lid and then seal up the shipping box
  • Call 1 (866) 364 – 0963 to schedule a Fedex pick-up
  • Or Contact customer service at support@vibrant-america.com

For Physicians

We understand that your priority and focus is your patients, that’s why we offer cutting-edge advanced testing with fast turnaround time for better managed patient care.

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We understand that your health is important to you, so we deliver results to you sooner so you can access your risk so your provider can effectively manage or monitor your progress.

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We are your partner in health care and can seamlessly integrate with your program! We offer all the necessary tools and a robust test menu at the lowest cost to enable you to help your patient’s reach their goals and improve patient compliance.