Materials Scientist


Research and study structures of various polymers, nanomaterials and other synthetic materials including the elements and compounds used in semi-conductors to improve their application in medical diagnostic devices.

Design and evaluate new surface chemistry for the silicon-based devices which can facilitate high density peptide and DNA microarrays for diagnostic applications

Research and develop new surface chemistries to able to detect ultralow concentrations of proteins in biological matrix which can be potentially used for diagnostic applications

To create methods to characterize the surface chemistry

Perform laboratory experiments to study the physical and chemical properties of materials and compounds used in the manufacturing process

Develop assays for biomarkers/analytes which are present in ultra-low concentrations in a biological matrix.

To explore automation of existing assays to reduce processing time and variability in assays.

Master’s degree in Material Science and Engineering, Polymer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or related field, and one year of work or research experience in material science and engineering.

The required experience shall include: synthetic chemistry; polymerization techniques; functionalization of nanomaterials; nanomaterials processing; structure property relationship of materials; and materials characterization techniques like scanning electron microscopy, Fourier Transform Infrared, Raman spectroscopy, flexural strength and fracture toughness testing, X-Ray Diffraction, Thermogravimetric Analysis and Dynamic Scanning Calorimetry.

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